High Chance Of Snow Coming To The Northeast This Week

Temperatures have been dropping in New England and the Northeast as a whole, but it seems that the temperature drop might be accompanied by a bit of snow later in the week. More than one weather authority is calling for snow, which could be significant in some areas.

The Forecast From Accuweather For A Disruptive Snowstorm Later This Week

"Residents throughout the Northeast, from Pittsburgh to Buffalo, New York, Boston and Bangor, Maine, will want to keep a close eye on this system for the potential for slippery, slushy roads and significant travel delays Thursday night and Friday," Tom Kines, AccuWeather senior meteorologist, said.

Credit: Accuweather

According to the Accuweather forecast, this storm will start as rain making its way eastward through the Ohio and Tennesee Valley Wednesday night and Thursday. However, this rain is going to run into colder air in the north.

In the north, snow will start to arrive Thursday across the eastern Great Lakes into New England as an Alberta Clipper system moves east and gets absorbed by the larger storm to the south.

Thursday and Thursday night, the rain in portions of the western Ohio Valley and interior portions of the mid-Atlantic will turn to snow, coinciding with the storm strengthening and curving north, pulling in colder air on the backside of the storm.

"While a major snowstorm is not anticipated, residents across much of northern and western Pennsylvania, most of upstate New York and interior New England are likely to wake up with a fresh blanket of snow Friday morning." - Accuweather

During the day on Friday, snow will pivot northward through northern NewEngland and into Canada. Blizzard conditions may develop in parts of Maine into New Brunswick and the storm quickly strengthens.

Credit: Accuweather
As you can see, snowfall totals south of New York and southern New England are expected to be minimal, however, parts of New England could be looking at snow ranging from 6 to 12 inches by the end of the week.

Direct Weather Also Calling For A Wicked Start To The New England Winter

In a recent forecast, the Direct Weather Youtube channel is calling for a similar weather event for the northeast. This forecast shows that the snow could reach a bit further south into parts of Pennsylvania and possibly the northwest corner of New Jersey.

Snow Is The General Consensus

From the weather outlets mentioned above to other local and national weather authorities, it seems that every one of them is expecting some kind of snowfall during the week. The National Weather Service - Burlington, VT has even put together a map showing expected snowfall for Thursday into Friday.
Credit: NWS Burlington
Though, as with most weather events, the actual amounts of snow or rain will be determined the day they are taking place. However, with such an emphasis on snow in the coming days, it might be a good idea to be prepared for the first real winter weather the northeast will see this year. Take all the precautions you see fit and be safe if your area does see some blizzard conditions.

Thumbnail Credit: Accuweather


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