How About Some Comedy With Your Movie Night?

This one has been a fan favorite of the group that I ski with since it came out in 2001. We would always take a copy with us on a ski trip and it would be the end of the day activity after being out on the hill. I present to you the trailer for "Out Cold".

Now, I will say that the trailer isn't necessarily accurate when it comes to the story. Yes, there is a little love story and the group of characters does party pretty hard and such, but that isn't really what's going on in the movie. Truth be told, there are scenes in the trailer that didn't make the final cut of the movie.

However, if snowboarding isn't enough to get you interested in the film, then take it from me. This one, I think, is wicked funny and made pretty well. I've enjoyed since the first time I saw it, which was in a theater. It could be a great way to spend your movie night.


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