"In the Meantime" A Tanner Hall Film -- Sounds As Good As It Looks

Just about anyone who has seen a ski film knows the name, Tanner Hall. A fan of his work really does know what to expect, from big mountain lines, sweet looking tricks, and at some point, someone is going to be smoking something. This short doesn't disappoint on any of those expectations.

One of the things that stood out for me was the soundtrack. It fit so well with the visuals in this film. A lot of ski and snowboard films have really good music attached to them. However, this one really feels like it uses the soundtrack, not just as background music, but to enhance what the viewer is seeing. 

Also, the sequence of biffs was almost too brutal to watch but was presented so well that one couldn't look away. I don't mean say that it was offensive in any way. It was clearly painful to the point where I cringed on a few hits. But, the sequence was cut into the film just before a sequence in which Hall completes every trick. The double back-flip off a tree was very much applause-worthy.

Lastly, and this is a personal point for me stemming from my years working in logistics, there is something about a skier doing a handplant off the back of a full 53' trailer. Again, it could have been my years working inside one, but that put a smile on my face. Also, I don't think it was Hall that did it.

In any case, this one is worth the watch. I would suggest it to anyone, even after I've seen it more than a few times, to the point that some would wonder why I'm not sick of it. Oh, and I do plan to watch it that many times.


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