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It Seems That The Western Part Of Vermont Got A Bit Of Snow, Too -- VIDEO

To be honest, most of the state of Vermont has seen snow already, though some parts have seen more than others. Case in point, the part of Vermont in which Ski Rex Media Headquarters sits, there is some snow, but one can still see plenty of grass poking through. On the had, Jay Peak, which is further north, has seen almost three feet of snow since last week.

Yes, the snow really was a function of where one was during the storms, specifically how far north and how high in altitude. But then, it seems that there had to be some actual snow clean up in the western part of the state as well. In this video from the YouTube channel Live Storms Media, it would seem that Burlington had some decent coverage.

It would seem that all over the town that Burton calls home there was actual snow cleanup just two days ago, even at the airport. It would seem that winter is really here in the Green Mountain State.

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