It's Almost Time For The Snowstorm To Start, But Will It Amount To Anything?

As the rain continues outside the windows of the Ski Rex Media Headquarters, one wonders if the snow that has been forecasted is going to show at all. In the past few days, weather authorities have called for significant snowfall in the northeast, however, it seems the storm has been downgraded.

U.S. National Weather Service - Burlington, VT Saying It Won't Be So Bad

The NWS Burlington Office is calling for snow across upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and into Maine still, but not in the amounts once predicted. Though they are still warning motorists to be careful should they encounter winter weather, the accumulations will not be more than a couple of inches for those in the high country.

Credit: NWS Burlington/FB

However, with that said, there have been reports of some snow starting to fall in parts of the state, again, at the higher elevations. Ski resorts have taken to social media to report that they have been seeing some snow. Bolton Valley in Vermont has posted a video of what appears to be a real snowstorm.

Though Bolton Valley is in the center of the state, parts of southern Vermont are starting to see the snow, as well. Stratton Mountain has pointed out the snow from their summit down to mid-mountain that is showing up on the webcams via a post to Twitter.

The snow is starting to pay off as forecasted, but will it continue and will there be any real accumulation overnight?

Direct Weather Has Also Downgraded Totals And Reach Of The Storm

In an update from this morning, the Direct Weather YouTube channel has also called for the storm to stay further north than originally anticipated and bring a bit less snow for the entire New England region. In the video below, you can see that snow totals might not reach much over 3-6 inches, with even less in the valleys. Although, those in northern Maine or anyone that lives near the Great Lakes may have a true winter night.

How much natural snow will be on the ground come morning? Per usual, we won't know until the sun rises on Friday morning. However, with the amount of rain that has been falling and dropping temperatures, it is still a good idea to prepare in the way you see fit, as well as travel safely for those who need to be out in the storm.

On a final note regarding those falling temperatures, watch the snow reports for the New England ski hills that you call home or plan on visiting. True, they may not be getting the accumulation that the masses were hoping for, but the cold will give them all a better chance of getting the snowguns turned on and allow them to lay down a base. More opening day announcements could be coming out of New Egland any time now.


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