Mount Snow Had To Do A 190 Person Lift Evac Over The Weekend

As the ski & snowboard season kicked off at Mount Snow, there ended up being a little hiccup in the opening weekend operations. On Saturday, November 16, Mount Snow, Vermont had a lift malfunction and shut down.

It was at approximately 11:30 A.M. on Saturday morning that the Challenger Lift, a triple-chair the services the North Face area, stopped working. At the time, approximately 190 guests were on the lift at the time.

The chair lift was not able to be restarted at that time and the guests have to be evacuated. The lift evacuation took close to 2 hours to complete, with the last guests being taken off the lift at 1:40 P.M. Thankfully there were no injuries reported to guests or staff during the lift evac.

"Mount Snow extends its apologies to the guests who were inconvenienced by this event. The resort places the highest value on the safety of its guests and the Challenger lift has been inspected and is scheduled to resume normal operations on Sunday, November 17 when the resort opens." - From the press statement released by Mount Snow
Photo Credit: Mount Snow


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