Pre-Beijing 2022 Skiing Action -- Candide Thovex Riding The Great Wall -- VIDEO

There will be a few events taking place just spitting distance from the Great Wall of China during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, though none will be taking place on it. Does that mean it can't be skied? Of course not...especially if you happen to be Candide Thovex.

From the French skier that is proving that one doesn't need snow to get around on a pair of skis is another behind-the-scenes look from Ski The World. So much work goes into filming even the smallest, or shortest, of segments, which is showcased here by how much equipment had to be lugged up the wall to film.

Though, it can be agreed that the real take away from the BTS video is Thovex's cameraman. Not only did he have to ski the same line that Thovex did, down stone stairs that look just a tad wet, but he had to do it holding a camera and not having the luxury of standing up straight. Without a doubt one of the true heroes of this filming endeavor.


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