Preseason Ski Area Maintenance Continues -- Whaleback Mountain Gets A Whole New Wall

As the ski areas of New England, and across the country or around the world, shut down for the spring, the work doesn't stop. As spring turns to summer offseason, which turns into the autumn preseason, ski areas begin to clean up, maintain, and improve their facilities. Such work is going on right now at Whaleback Mountain in New Hampshire.

Whaleback Mountain, just off I-89 in Enfield, New Hampshire has been quite busy taking down and replacing almost the entire side of their main lodge. This is part of a large effort to not only repair damage to the lodge but to make it more efficient for many seasons to come.

The repair of the lodge, as seen in the above picture, involved the removal and reframing and reinstallation of the wall facing the mountain. During this process, new insulation will be added to make for a cozier and toastier Whaleback Mountain main lodge during the cold days of winter.

The thing about Whaleback Mountain is that it is a non-profit ski hill. As such, the mountain relies on a few different ways to help with improvement projects such as this. One of those ways is the work of wonderful volunteers that add a bit of elbow grease and hard work out of the kindness of their hearts.

A second way that the mountain uses to sustain improvement projects and day to day winter operations is through fundraising. Currently, the mountain has a crowdfunding campaign going through The Local Crowd, an organization that works with rural communities to create local crowdfunding ecosystems that support the growth and sustainability of local businesses and organizations. It's through this program that Whaleback is looking to raise $10,000 to go towards efficiency improvement projects at the mountain.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, you can follow the link below the crowdfunding page for Whaleback Mountain. If you would like more information, head to the Whaleback Mountain website or the social media pages for contact information and to follow along with the mountain's progress.

The Local Crowd Crowdfunding Campaigns | The Local Crowd, LLC

The Local Crowd, LLC works with rural communities throughout the U.S. to create crowdfunding campaigns. Explore the various campaigns near you!

Photo Credit: Whaleback Mountain


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