Resorts In California Postponing Openings Due To Weather

As the end of November approaches, there were still a few resorts looking to open for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. However, there were some that had to postpone those opening days due to too much of a good thing. The wicked snowstorms that California is currently experiencing is just dropping too much snow.

High Winds & Whiteouts Keep Snow Valley, CA Closed

Snow Valley in California planned to open yesterday, Wednesday, November 27, just in time for those who wanted to ski the holiday away. They were getting the snow to do so, being right in the middle of the storms that are just dumping feet of snow in California's Sierra Nevada region. But, too much of a good thing is possible, it would seem. With whiteout conditions, high winds, and roads that were not safe to drive on, the mountain decided it would be better to wait a couple of days before opening.

For those looking to trade the lines at the stores on Black Friday for liftlines, Snow Valley will be open tomorrow morning at 9 A.M. for what should be one hell of a powder day, with snow totals hitting between three and four feet.

SoCal's Closest Also Shut Down Yesterday

Mountain High, the closest resort to Southern California, was also shut down yesterday. Though they enjoyed all of the powder this storm has put down, they had too much wind to safely open the lifts for some pre-Thanksgiving runs.

Though a good chunk of the mountain is open for Thanksgiving day, getting there is kind of treacherous. Head over to the Mountain High Snow Report to see their recommendation is for traveling to the mountain, as some highways are closed due to the storm, and to see what exactly is open for the day. If you do take the ride up there, be extra careful and use your best judgment. It's better to turn and run away so you can live to ski another day.

Photo Credit: Snow Valley/Twitter


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