Snow At And Around Ski Rex Media Headquarters

It would seem that the first real snowstorm of the 2019/2020 winter did hit the northeast just as weather authorities thought it would, but did it pile up anywhere. Well, it did in some places and it didn't in others. Those in the valley did see much more than a flurry to a dusting. Let's take a quick look at some of the places around Ski Rex Media HQ and the northeast as a whole.


We can start at Ski Rex Media HQ, which sits in the Upper Valley near the border of Vermont and New Hampshire. Though there was no snow overnight, the beautiful sunny morning was interrupted by a passing snow shower that left a little coating on the ground. However, that coating is already gone seeing as the sun is back out. But that isn't the big snow news...obviously.

One of the better stories comes from a social media post from Vermont State Parks. In the post, they show that one of the mountain roads near Smuggler's notch has already closed for the season due to snow. Yes, we do have mountain passes that close during the season here in the east, but it's a little early.

Heading north along I-89 from the HQ, one would find Bolton Valley, Vermont. They ended up with a pretty good amount of snow, having a photo with a ruler stuck down in the snow up to five inches, which isn't a bad start. Goodbye mountain bike season.

Even Killington, The Beast, pulled down about six inches of natural stuff overnight. There isn't a photo to show here, but if you have ever been there, you can more than easily picture it in your head.

New Hampshire

Why not do an offering from New Hampshire, as well. Again, get out on to I-89, just head south this time, and one would find themselves passing Whaleback Mountain. They too got a little bit of snow flying around on their mountain.

More From The Northeast And New England

Oh yes, there was more than just what fell is the 50-mile radius of Ski Rex Media. Take a look at upstate New York. Over at Whiteface, they have about 8" of new snow to play with at their summit. They aren't open yet, but you can bet it won't be long now.

Let's have a little look over at Maine, too. Now, Sunday River is going to open tomorrow morning and that's fine, but Sugarloaf is the mountain that is showing off the natural stuff that was falling yesterday and into last night.

Now, this was just a little overview for the fun of it, not a real report on the weather. Perhaps more of a way to convey the excitement of the coming winter season. In any case, enjoy the snow whether you got a little dusting or a few inches. Oh, and be patient, because there is going to be more where that came from.

Thumbnail Credit: Whaleback Mountain


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