The Start To The Tahoe Season Maybe Down, But It's Not Out

Though it has been a slow start to the 2019/2020 season, compared to other parts of the United States, for the Lake Tahoe region, there might be a glimmer of hope in the form of several inches of natural snow, with the temperatures to make more.

The Down - Tahoe Area Resorts Push Back Opening Dates

With the winter in the Tahoe area starting off as some weather authorities predicted, area ski mountains have not been able to open up as others have in the United States. It was just two days ago, November 19, that Vail operated resorts Heavenly Mountain, Northstar California Resort, and Kirkwood Mountain Resort announced they were pushing back opening dates until the middle of next week at the earliest.

The reasoning behind these opening delays was said to be the weather. As much of the country was seeing extreme cold, record-setting in some areas of the country, and early season snowfall, the Tahoe region was seeing warmer temperatures and drier weather. With almost no natural snow and being too warm to make snow, fans of Sierra Nevada skiing have had a reason to be disappointed.

However, as the result of an overnight storm in the area, the season is about to ramp up in a big way.

But Not Out - Several Inches Of Natural Snow Falls At Tahoe

There has been one Tahoe area resort open on weekends since the end of October. Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, which is on the Nevada side of the border, opened for weekend operations on the 25th of October, making it the first resort in the area to open for the 2019/2020 season.  However, the weather has had an effect on this mountain as well, keeping them to only weekends and very early season conditions.

But, to the delight of those who are fans of skiing and riding the area, this past week Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows was able to open for daily operations, but again, this is limited to very early season conditions.

Then came the storm. All of the above mountains have been reporting several inches of new-fallen, natural snow. Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe has reported that they saw at least 7" of fresh snow and the temperatures have not risen, giving them the opportunity to make even more. This has allowed this mountain to also open for daily operations. 

It almost seems to be a case of "Better Late Than Never" compared to the November of early openings seen throughout the rest of the country. With a forecast of more cold weather and snow to make its way through the area, the Lake Tahoe region has a very good chance of being set and ready to go for Thanksgiving skiing and snowboarding. Happy Holidays!!!

Photo Credit: Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe/FB


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