A Christmas Miracle -- Skier Survives 5 Hours Under An Avalanche

A Christmas miracle to be sure, a man that was caught up in a Christmas Day avalanche was able to survive being buried for five hours.

According to a report from PlanetSki.eu, the 26-year-old Austrian man had made his way up the eastern slopes of the Plestschnitzzinken, just south of Salzburg, Austria on Christmas Day. After a friend attempted to contact the man via cell phone but heard nothing but crackling sounds on the line, the friend contacted emergency services.

A team of about 20 rescuers was dispatched out of the municipality of Gröbming, including avalanche dogs, groomer drivers, employees of the Galsterbergalm cable cars, mountain hut keepers, and alpine police.

After being buried for close to five hours, the man was pulled from the snow by the rescue team. The man was found alive, but suffering from hypothermia. According to the report, those on hand said that the man had just enough of an air pocket to breathe and that a survival such as this happens once about every 20 years.

The victim was taken by a groomer to the nearest ski station and then transported from there to a local hospital. In the last report, the man was going to be okay and is recovering in that hospital.

Photo Credit: Bergrettung Gröbming


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