A Comeback Win And Two Joint Third Places In Men's World Cup Alpine Action At Lake Louise

As the women were busy tearing it up at Killington Resort, Vermont this past weekend in GS and Slalom competition, the men were north of the border at Lake Louise, Canada showing their stuff on the Downhill and Super G course.

A Comeback Win In The Downhill

It was exactly one year ago, November 30, 2018, that German skier Thomas Dressen suffered a season-ending knee injury at Beaver Creek. But, returning to Downhill a year later proved to be easy as pie for Dressen as he took the Downhill win this past Saturday at Lake Louise. This was not only his first race after the injury, but this win also marks the young German's third World Cup victory.

Dressen had this to say about his victory: “I have no words, I don’t know what to say. Finishing in the top 10 would have been already a great result, but winning on the day of my comeback is just unbelievable!”

Italian racer Dominik Paris took the second-place spot at just 0.02 of a second behind Dressen. It could also be noted that fellow Italian athletes Marta Bassino and Federica Brignone scored first and second in the Giant Slalom at Killington that same day, making it a big day for the Italian ski team.

This race would also mark the first of two joint third-place finishes this past weekend. Beat Feuz and his Swiss teammate Carlo Janka both pulled a time of just 0.26 behind Dressen, giving them both the third-place position on the podium.

From Fifth To First In One Days Time

As the days changed at Lake Louise, Canada, so too did the events. The course was on point to bring another exciting day of high-speed ski racing, which did not disappoint. This includes a win for a man who took 5th place just a day before in Downhill competition.

Having finished in second-place four times at this venue, Austrian skier Matthias Mayer was looking to take home a victory, which he was able to do. With a finishing time of 1:31.40, Mayer not only won the day, but picked up his third World Cup victory in this discipline, and his sixth victory overall.

“It’s always special to get a win in the first (Super G) race of the season. I think I made the difference in the second part of the course. I knew there were many strong guys down there, so I tried to push hard and give everything,” said Mayer.

Italian racer Dominik Paris would find himself in the second-place position for the second time this weekend, having taken the same spot the day before in downhill. This time it wasn't quite as tight, but still very close having finished just 0.4 of a second behind Mayer. At the same time, this one/two finish would also set their positions in overall points to first and second. Currently, Mayer leads with 161 points, just one point ahead of Paris.

Finishing in third was Mayer's teammate Vincent Kriechmayr and Swiss skier Mauro Caviezel, making the second joint third-place of the weekend. Both men finished just shy of a half-second off the leader.

Thumbnail Credit: The Lake Louise Ski Resort & Summer Gondola/FB


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