Alba Adventures Latest Work "The Ghost of Ullr" Is Just A Tad Different, But Awesome -- FILM

When it comes to ski films, like a lot of other mediums, they can easily be grouped into fiction and nonfiction. Pretty simple, right? For the latest film from Alba Adventures, however, it kind of crosses between both fiction and nonfiction. Check it out to see what I mean.

Now, if you're familiar with the work of the Alba family you can see their style and take on ski films. But, in this case, it's almost like a backdrop to a fictional story. It's pretty slick how they made this work, making the film itself almost have that comic or graphic novel feeling. Speaking of which, I especially enjoyed how the placement of the graphic novel version in the film almost felt like a #shamelessplug, and you all know how much I enjoy those.

All kidding aside, the film looks great. If you're into ski films that center more around the family that jump after jump, you'll find something to like here. If you like a good story told in a good and fun way, you'll find something, too. If you got a little comic nerd in you, take a look at this film. Oh, and there is a special feature to watch, as well.


  1. Nice work Ray!!!!! Our family loved it, and we thank you for keeping us in the video. Zach and i cant wait to run into you again on the mountains. You and your family are a true inspiration , and a major push for the Ski The East crew. Thank you Ray.


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