Bentley And Bomber Are Releasing Wicked Fancy Skis For The Car Maker's Centenary

Bentley Motors has announced that as part of its celebration marking 100 years of automobile manufacturing, they have partnered with Bomber Ski to release the Centenary Edition Ski, which has all of the luxury a person would expect from these two brands.

The ski itself has been designed to not only match the luxury and look of Bentley automobiles but to have the same performance expected from those automobiles as well. Competitive ski legend and co-owner of Bomber Bode Miller heavily influenced the design and development of these skis, including assisting in testing, to ensure they would perform to the highest level.

“On Bomber skis, one can actually feel the passion of the craftsmen that build them, an experience that no machine-made ski can reproduce. I’m thrilled to see this partnership with Bentley Motors so that we can enhance that 360-degree experience to even more enthusiasts throughout the world,” said Miller.

The skis, hand-made in the Bomber factory in Biella, Italy are crafted over approximately 32 hours from a sandwich construction with a core of wood and fibers, covered by two layers of Titanal. The top layer intricately blends from negative to relief to add further texture and interest which has pushed both teams to innovate with tooling, processes, and materials to execute such a detailed design.

The ski will be available as a limited edition, with just 300 pairs of two different styles being produced. The Limited Edition Centenary Ski takes inspiration from the diamond motifs, textures, and patterns found in the EXP 100 GT concept car launched in 2019. With just 100 pairs being made, and featuring 24-karat gold-plated diamond-shape inserts, this ski guarantees its presence will be seen on the slopes.

The Black Diamond Edition ski is finished in gloss black for a dynamic and powerful aesthetic. Again, the distinctive Bentley diamond motif weaves its way across the highly polished ski, seamlessly gliding from a negative to a relief design, adding a textural finish that is rare to find within the ski market. In the Black Diamond edition, the six diamonds are accentuated in a gloss black finish, the sharp surrounding lines are formed using a highly unique pressing process.

“The design was inspired by the visual language of Bentley’s centenary concept car, the EXP 100 GT, and developed into a beautiful three-dimensional structure that actually enhances the performance of the ski.

"Everything we design has a purpose, so the 3D geometry on the surface of the ski not only creates a dramatic aesthetic but is concentrated around the areas where support and response are needed most by the skier. This creates a design execution that has never been seen before and an experience for the user that surpasses all expectations,”
said Bentley's Lead Designer Chris Cooke, who worked very closely with the designers at Bomber during the production of the skis.

The skis are currently available for purchase at and through Bomber retailers and distributors. A pair of the Centenary Edition skis run for $3,750, while the Black Diamond Edition is $2,750.

Photo Credits: All Photos Provided By Bentley Motors


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