Carpooling & Shuttles Up To Bogus Basin, Idaho

The more people that hit the slopes on a given day, the more issues there are with traffic, parking, and straight blasting pollutants into the air. Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area in Idaho has started using a couple of options to help alleviate all of that.

For the current season, Bogus Basin has added a Carpool Parking Lot, a lot designed to benefit those who ride up to the hill with three or more skiers or riders per car. The idea is to get fewer cars coming up the road and take up less parking space.

Along with the new section of carpool parking, Bogus Basin has announced another parking lot project, a Park & Ride lot in downtown Boise that will be available during the mountain's operating hours. The lot is located at 750 Mountain Cove Road, just behind the Fort Boise Softball field. There is no charge for parking in the lot and no parking pass is required. 

The "ride" from the Park & Ride Lot comes from one of two new shuttle buses that were acquired for Bogus Basin with corporate sponsorship from Idaho Central Credit Union, according to a report from the Idaho Press. The bus from the Park & Ride Lot will be available for the season on weekends and holidays. Making the run to and from the mountain a few times a day, the bus will cost $10 for one-way and round trip tickets.

If you're interested in taking advantage of either of the programs to get up to the mountain, please visit the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area website for stops and scheduling and any other information you may need for your trip.

Photo Credit: Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area


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