"Drawn From Here" -- The New Film From Eric Pollard & Nimbus Independent

Typically, this is where I would write a full film review, talking about what I liked or disliked, perhaps pointing out a few moments or sequences in the film that stood out to me. Typically, I would jump at the chance to write such a thing about any film from Nimbus Independent and Eric Pollard, who I feel is one of the most talented artists and freeskiers today. As a filmmaker, I would absolutely put Eric Pollard at the top of the list. He is my favorite.

However, with the latest film from Pollard and Nimbus, anything that I could write would not do the film justice.  Anything that I could write would only be an understatement and could not convey how beautiful, how inspirational, this film truly is. Honestly, what I write about this film would just be wasting the time of a person who could be watching and truly enjoying a real demonstration of art, not just in what Pollard creates either on film, canvas, or snow, but how the man honestly lives his life.

To that point, I will take up no more of your time.


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