"Fire On The Mountain" -- New Short Film From Chris Benchetler & TGR

Highly anticipated since the release of the trailer this past fall, the latest collaborative effort from Teton Gravity Research has been released for the world to see. Directed by artist, filmmaker, and all-around amazing skier Chris Benchetler, the film follows Benchetler, his wife, Kimmy Fasani, snowboarding icon Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, Michelle Parker, and surfing star Rob Machado on a journey set to the music of The Grateful Dead, with the visuals to match.

From visuals ranging to days in the water or on the mountains to the nighttime, light suit sequence from Sweetgrass Productions, to the narration by Bill Walton, the entire film feels as if Jerry Garcia was the muse that sung into Chris Benchetler and the entire crew that made this film come to life. The vibe that was coming from the sequences of the group is a similar vibe to what one might find at a jam concert, be it The Grateful Dead, past or present, or the modern musical acts that have been inspired by the band just as this has. If that sounds like it would be up your alley, then you can enjoy this film with little effort. Enjoy!

-My Opinion-

Now, I separated this from the rest of what I have written out of disappointment. Though that is, in part, disappointment in the film, that's also disappointment in myself for saying such a thing. It is true, not everyone will like everything and just because I don't like this film that doesn't make it bad, nor does it mean others shouldn't like it. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of those who do. For me, however, I don't. I have never been a fan of The Grateful Dead. Though there are one or two songs I don't mind, the majority of their catalog is not for me. 

With that said, this film, as I said, very much feels as it should, as a film that was inspired by the band's music. The look, the feel, the vibe was all spot on. Again, that doesn't make it bad, it just isn't for me.

The disappointment I have in myself is that I am a Chris Benchetler fan. He is truly an artist, no matter the medium, whether it's canvas, camera, or snow, the man can make a work of art out of any of them, and at times, all three. 

Again, if you have decided to read this far before watching the film, make sure you go back and watch it. You might find that you very much enjoy the experience. As I said, I love Benchetler's work and there is something for everyone within that body of work. Take a look at this film...you might find something for yourself.


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