I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- Momma Bear & Cub Perched By Lift

One of the beauties of riding a chairlift, or any other lift for that matter, is the opportunity to really take in one's surroundings. If you like scenery, you can see it on all sides. If you are nosy and like to people watch, you can do that on all sides. If you like wildlife, well, that's not always something one gets to see, but there were some folks at Mammoth Mountain last week that go a wicked unique chance to see some of the local bears.

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An amazing and wonderful sight to see. It's been reported that once the bears had enough of the limelight, they climber down from the tree and headed off into the woods without incident. If you happen to be as lucky as those that saw these two that day, make sure you do the right thing and keep your distance. Remember, wildlife is wild and they might not be as enthusiastic about getting the attention as a person might be to give it.

Thumbnail Credit: Mammoth Mountain/IG


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