Level 1 Is Bringing SuperUnknown XVII To Carinthia, Vermont

SuperUnknown was started in 2003 as a contest that would find and feature some of the best unknown, unsponsored tricking talent in the skiing world. For its 17th year, Level 1 is going to hold the finals at Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow, Vermont in the Spring of 2020.

This contest, the first of its kind and currently 16 years running, asks that entrants submit a single promo video to show off their talents, styles, tricks, and personality. Nothing flashy, no accompanying résumés, now written essays, or any other kind of nonsense like that. No, this contest was meant to let one's abilities do the talking.

None of that has changed for SuperUknown XVII. Entrants are asked to submit a 90-second video that will be reviewed by the staff and athletes of Level 1. From there will be 11 finalists, 9 picked by the reviewers, 1 as the winner of the fan-voted Wild Card Poll, and a final winner from the Women's category. 

Those 11 hopefuls will then be taken to wonderful Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont for a private, week-long shoot, where they'll be joined by a film crew from Level 1 during the first week in April of 2020. At the end of that week, the Finalists and Level 1 crew will all vote for the athlete they think deserves to take the title. The skier that has the most votes will then officially be SuperUnknown XVII, be showered with cash and prizes from event sponsors and partners, and be on their way into pro-riding and the bit of celebrity status that comes with it.

Is this contest something you think you'd be interested in? Get started making that 90-second edit right now, because the entry deadline if February 24, 2020. For all the information, rules, guidelines, and how to officially enter, head to the Level 1 website. Good luck to those who enter. We can't wait to see what you bring to the table.

Photo Credit: Level 1 Productions


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