Lindsey Vonn, Kevin Nealon, A Hiking Trail, & A Camera

If you haven't checked out Saturday Night Live alumni Kevin Nealon's web series Hiking With Kevin, it really is kind of fun to watch. If you're reading this, then you just might be a fan of Ski Rex Media, which means you might be a fan of skiing, snowboarding, or the like, which means there is an entry-level episode of the program for people just like you and me.

Currently, in its third season, Hiking With Kevin recently had almost everyone's favorite skier, Lindsey Vonn, as the guest. During the episode, Kevin and Lindsey, and her dog follow a trail through the hills and realize they might have taken on a little bit more than anticipated, but still made it out just fine, of course. There were many a question that Vonn probably hasn't been asked before, a couple of good chuckles, and we find out that Vonn didn't know who Warren Beatty is. Enjoy!


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