Norwegians Take Top Spots In Ski Big Air In Beijing

If one was looking to take a guess as to how well the Big Air events will work during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, one didn't need to look far. The future Olympic venue was put to good use this past weekend as the skiers took to the air in the Air + Style Beijing FIS Freeski Big Air World Cup event. Both the Men and the Women were on hand to compete and both the Men and the Women had a Norwegian skier in the top podium spot.

Johanne Killi Is Norwegian #1 For Big Air Win In Beijing

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Johanne Killi qualified in fourth place, but wouldn't let up in the finals. After a first jump landing a left 900 proper tail, she would be in the lead. Her second a jump, a switch double cork 1080 Japan, would secure that that first place position for the event, giving her a final victory jump at the end of the night for the Women.

“It feels unbelievable,” a smiling Killi said from the finish area, “I feel like I haven’t been on the podium in so long, always having a tough time in finals, but I’m just really happy to be here and land my tricks. It’s really cool to try out the new Olympic venue. It’s one of the best jumps I’ve ever hit and for sure the best city big air.”

Jumping into second place was Swiss skier Giulia Tanno, topping out with a score of 155.25 to Killi's 179.00.  Tanno was able to use a left double 1080 safety and a switch left 900 tail to secure her position on the podium. This was the second time Tanno pulled second-place this season, which puts her in the lead for points on the Big Air standings.

Coming in third was Italy's Silvia Bertagna, who used jumps two and three to finish with a score of 150.75. Her second jump saw a big left cork 720 with a ripped mute grab, followed by a left 540 mute on her final jump. This would mark Bertagna's first podium appearance sing the 2017/2018 season.

Birk Ruud Was Norwegian #2 For The Big Air Night In Beijing

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Though it may have taken all three jumps to pull it off, Noway's Birk Ruud would take first place in Big Air alongside his teammate on the Women's side, Johanne Killi.

Ruud fell on his first jump, but that clearly didn't discourage him in the slightest. For his second jump, he threw a right-side double misty 1440 mute. As big as that was, Ruud was far from finished. For his third jump, he threw and landed a never-been-done double bio 1800, which brought the highest score of the night and was more than enough to take him to the top spot with a score of 190.25.

“My first jump I wasn’t really in the right headspace,” Ruud said, going through his performance, “And as you could see, I failed. You need to be in the right mindset and in the moment and I wasn’t there. So, I had a little fall, a little refreshment, and then went back up and did the same trick again for my second jump. I got a good feeling from that and a good score. After that, I knew I could either be safe and make it onto the podium or go all in, and I went all-in with the 1800. I’m stoked it worked out.”

Fighting just as hard for that first place spot on the podium was Canadian Teal Harle. Though fight he did, and a close fight it was, he would not join his snowboarding teammate Max Parrot in Big Air victory. After two massive jumps, landing first a switch left double 1800 mute, followed by a left double 1620 Japan, Harle had the lead. Though continuing to go big for the final jump, Harle was only able to pull 190.00 total score for the night.

Rounding out the podium was the quite popular Swedish skier Jesper Tjader. Finishing with a score of 183.00 after a right double 1620 opp tail and a switch double 1440 mute blender, Tjader was able to take his first-ever Big Air podium.

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