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During my trip to the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo last month, the wonderful women at "Her Turn at The She Shed" were showing me around their display and showing me some of the brands they were featuring. One of those brands was Peace And Pow and I was lucky enough to be able to find and hang out at their display later on in the day.

The Peace And Pow Exhibit At The Boston Ski & Snowboard Expo 2019
While I was visiting, I was able to meet and chat with the Peace And Pow founder, Steve Long. To tell you the truth, he approached me while I was browsing his products. A wicked nice guy, Steve
introduced himself to me and gave me a proper introduction to his gear. I think it's best summed up by a quote from the man himself;

"peaceANDpow" is a feel good brand that was inspired by a great day on the mountain. We all search for that ultimate run... awesome conditions and the perfect line. When it all comes together for that moment... when everything gels... we are at peace and the pow helped get us there.

Have you had your peace and pow moment today?

One of the wonderful things about talking to Steve and his staff is that they believe in the peace and pow vibe, believe in their product and want that product to be quality. Whether it's the shirts, the many different hats, or the drinkware, the stuff is made well and has some really awesome design work.

Tim From Ski Rex Media Trying On The Peace And
Pow Face Shield
I was lucky enough to come home with a face shield and who doesn't like a good face shield? I know that I love them and I love this one. As you can see in the photo, though I'm not much of a model, this is a practical piece of gear. Like any face shield like product, it can be worn in several different ways. Clearly, I chose to wear it in a way that covered my face, ears, and head. The unique thing about this piece is the design of the ZEN 6 Point Logo. A design that truly speaks to the brand, it's most obviously a snowflake. That's the "Pow". Look closer to the end of each point and you see the "Peace". It's a great design, not only aesthetically pleasing, but it's geometrically sound.

Now, here is something cool I didn't know until after the expo. I visited the Peace And Pow website and found that their products, the wearables anyway, are customizable. Yes, you can pick out the style, pick out the color, match those with whichever logo design suits you, and then tag it with your home state, region, or wherever you chase powder runs. They have more than a few to choose from.

Ski Rex Media Notebook - Peace And Pow
Logo Sticker
All in all, it's really cool gear and I think it all looks great. You'll be sure to see me rocking my Peace And Pow face shield if you run into me out on the hill. To tell the truth, I hope to add a couple of hats to my collection, too... and that's at the very least. I'm sure I will add even a few more things. I mean, I've already stickered my notebook and I still have one more to slap somewhere else. Anyway, go ahead and check them out to see if you agree. The website is linked below and all through this written piece.

peace AND all!

Photo Credits: Thumbnail and Logo - Peace And Pow/Steve Long
Other Photos By Tim Meyer For Ski Rex Media


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