Teens Caught Snowboarding On Vermont Highway

According to a report from WCAX, two teens were caught snowboarding on a mountain highway during this past set of snowstorms.

The report states that the teens were caught snowboarding on Route 9 between Searsburg and Woodford, Vermont. This part of the highway does wind through higher elevations and can be especially dangerous during winter storms.

At the time the road was considered bad, being covered in snow, having gusting winds, and having poor visibility. At current, it has not been reported what kind of punishment the teens face or the agency that was involved.

It can be said, for the safety of yourself and those that would have to rescue you, do not participate in such stunts on main highways.


More information has been released for the incident involving a pair of teens snowboarding on Route 9 in southern Vermont during the recent winter storms.

It was at approximately 6 P.M. on December 2nd that the Vermont State Police were dispatched to a report of several individuals snowboarding in the traveled lanes of Vermont Route 9 between Woodford and Searsburg.

Upon arrival, Troopers were able to locate the individuals involved, Patryk Magdziak, 19, of Tamiment, PA, and Skylar Getting, 18, of E. Stroudsburg, PA. 

The two young men were issued citations to appear in court to answer the charge of Disorderly Conduct, according to a news release from the Vermont State Police.

Thumbnail Credit: Doug Kerr/Flickr [CC BY-SA 2.0]


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