The All Electric PistenBully Is Heading Inside For Testing

This past May at INTERLAPIN 2019, the leading international trade fair for alpine technologies, PistenBully presented the world with a prototype of the first all-electric groomer, the PistenBully 100 E. It's now time for the prototype to get out into the real world, or in this case, get inside into the real world.

Having already been successfully tested by PistenBully, the 100 E is going to get its first real-world tests at the indoor ski hall in Neuss, Germany. The wonders of testing at an indoor facility come with the fact that it will be a fully controlled, lab-like setting, but still have real-world nightly demands. Also, like other EVs that have been hitting the market, the 100 E still has a limited range. However, the current 2.5 to 3-hour range should be plenty to do the work for an indoor facility.

The Neuss indoor ski hall will be providing the 100 E a 300 meter long and up to 100 meters wide proving ground, which includes two T bars and a quad chair to maneuver around.

Photo Credits: PistenBully


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