Two Skier Deaths In The East This Past Week -- Pennsylvania & New Hampshire

Though more than a few people were hitting the slopes this week during their holiday vacations, there were two incidents that ended in tragedy in the east. Mountains in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire have reported deaths due to skiing accidents just before Christmas.

A Young Man From Virginia Dies On A Pennsylvania Slope

It was this past Monday, December 23, that a 23-year-old man lost his life due to a skiing accident at Bear Creek Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the man had collided with snow blowing equipment around 2 P.M. Monday. Ski patrol responded and transported the man off the slope by sled. From there the man was taken to a local hospital.

Though being reported as responsive at the scene, the work of the ski patrol and paramedics was not enough to keep the young man alive. He was pronounced dead at Lehigh Valley Hospital within an hour of the accident.

The Lehigh County coroner's office has confirmed the cause of death was due to multiple blunt force injuries, but have not released any other information. It was also reported that the man had a helmet, but was not wearing it at the time of the accident.

-Update 12/27/2019-

The Lehigh County Coroner's Office has released the name of the man who died at Bear Creek Mountain Resort Monday. his name was Matthew Rosenstein, who was visiting the Pennsylvania ski resort from Virginia.

 A 71-Year-Old Man Dies Skiing In New Hampshire

According to a press release from the Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln, NH, a man was killed due to a skiing accident this past Friday, December 20.

Gary Wilcox, 71, was found to be unresponsive after an accident at Loon Mountain. Ski patrol did respond and began life-saving techniques, but was not able to save to Wilcox.

Though the accident did not have any witnesses, an investigation by the local police found that Wilcox had left the trail and struck a tree or trees. This was also confirmed as the cause of death has been officially identified as multiple blunt force injuries.


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