A Short About Austin Smith & How He Gets Around - "The Firetruck 2.0 - Destination Alaska" - VIDEO

Other than winter sports, I also have some interest in the van/bus life and tiny homes. I think some of those builds are wicked cool and I have thought about doing similar things for quite a long time now. With that in mind, I end up watching videos on the subject a lot of the time and find it wicked awesome when tiny home or van/bus life meets skiing or snowboarding. That's how I came across this film.

Now, this isn't the first time Austin Smith's 1953 GMC Firetruck has been featured in a video. It's been shown off over the last couple of years, but it usually all about the truck. In this new film, "The Firetruck 2.0 - Destination Alaska" the truck shares the spotlight with the snowboarding talents of Austin Smith. For every sequence about the truck and the drive Smith is taking to Alaska, there is a sequence of Smith getting out there and riding, sometimes just off the side of the road. It's pretty sweet!

If you also have an interest in camper builds, then you might want a little more information on the truck itself. It's pretty unique and pretty minimalist, which makes it one of the coolest builds I have ever seen. It also has one of the more genius boot drying systems built into a tiny home on wheels. If that is something you'd like to see, then you can check out the following video from a few years ago. In it, Austin Smith gives an actual tour or his house on wheels and a little back story. Enjoy!


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