An Australian Ski Resort Has Been Caught In The Wildfires

As the wildfires in Australia continue to burn, reports of lives lost have been growing amongst both human and animal populations. It has been reported that the fires have killed 25 people ( and close to a possible 500 million animals ( across the affected areas, including the possibility of nearly a third of the koala population.

As firefighters, the military, and volunteers gear up to assist in any way possible, the fires are not only wreaking havoc with lives lost but with homes and other buildings being destroyed as fast as the flames roll in.

In the case of Selwyn Snow Resort, a ski mountain located in New South Wales, the damage has brought about an almost total loss for the mountain. Though they are reporting that they have not been able to assess the damage to lifts or snowmaking equipment, the buildings have been severely damaged. Selwyn Snow Resort took to social media to show the damage.

Any staff members that were at the resort we evacuated before the fires reached Selwyn, so there have been no human injuries to report.

Photo Credit: Selwyn Snow Resort/FB


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