Apple Releases A Backcountry Snowboarding Short Filmed Entirely With The iPhone 11 Pro - VIDEO

It's really not a wonder that Apple has been releasing winter-themed films to show off how capable the camera in the iPhone 11 Pro really is. It is wintertime, after all. Though the Snowbrawl film was something to behold, could the latest release, featuring some HUGE names in snowboarding ripping up the backcountry, be an even bigger sight?

Featuring the talents of Red Gerard, Danny Davis, Kimmy Fasani, and Ben Ferguson, Powder captures some great looking backcountry film. The riders all look great, the scenery, which is in the British Columbia backcountry at the Baldface Lodge, is beautiful, and the iPhone 11 Pro, though I'm not much of an Apple fan, might really be able to put a cinema-quality camera right into one's pocket or backpack. But, Apple fan or not, this was just a really good short film that just might deserve a few more viewings.


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