Dog, Who May Have Triggered An Avalanche, Saved From Said Avalanche

In a report from Out There Colorado, a dog was buried by a large slab avalanche in the Colorado backcountry this past weekend.

The report from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center suggests that the dog may have triggered the avalanche that it was caught up in. The pup was following along with a pair of skiers when a large slab released, taking the dog along with it.

The avalanche itself was approximately 70 meters wide and ran for the same distance. The dog was swept away with the snow and buried. 

The skiers were able to make the rescue, however, The pair of skiers were able to make a visual and probe search and found the dog. At current, there are no injuries reported to the dog or the skiers. Everyone came out of the situation just fine.

Photo Credit: Colorado Avalanche Information Center


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