Ex-Cast Member Of "The Walking Dead", Chandler Riggs, Biffs On A Snowboard -- VIDEO

The young man famous for playing Carl Grimes on the super hit television program "The Walking Dead", Chandler Riggs, took a tumble on his snowboard recently.

Normally, a tumble wouldn't generate any kind of news, but this story has two other side stories. The first being that the 20-year-old actor is just coming off a recovery from a concussion he received after being thrown from a horse, an injury that had him hospitalized for a short time. Though, he must have recovered just enough to get out on the mountain.

The second reason that this has made some news is that he embraced the fall, something Ski Rex Media supports in full. Riggs posted a video of the fall on social media with a good-natured caption for the tumble.


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