I Don't Complain About The Weather, But I Do Get Disappointed By It -- Ski Rex Says...

I've never been one to complain about the weather. In fact, it has always been a pet peeve of mine that people do complain about the weather. It's not something we can control beyond the point of choosing where we live. Yet, there are those that live in the north and complain about the cold, or the southeast and complain about the humidity, or the southwest and complain about the heat. Pick your area of the world and there are those that are not happy about the climate that they live in. I don't understand it, but it happens.

However, though I have never complained about the weather, no matter the climate I have lived in, and there have been a few, I can admit to being disappointed in the weather. This is something that we have all experienced, mostly as something getting rained out or similar, and having to put off an activity, project, or otherwise until a different day. That's kind of where I'm at for today.

Now, I had no plans to go out today. I'm not able to start my own ski season yet, so I was going to have a day of working inside the house. Which, really isn't that big of a deal. We all have days like that. But, looking out the window to see ripples in puddles and listening to the rain on the metal roof is still disappointing. I may not be able to be out in the mountains, but I still enjoy a nice winter's day. I'd like to be able to look out these same windows and see snow falling, which is unlikely for today.

Though, there is snow falling in other parts of the state. I just happen to be in one of the valleys here in east-central Vermont, and the snow went north and to the higher elevations. Which, honestly, is to be expected, but still.

Anyway, now that I go back over this, it really does sound like I am complaining about the weather, but that's not true. I do enjoy the rain and I have no problem when it comes. Even I know that Ella Fitzgerald sang "Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall". So, I get it, but it's January 4th. we should be well into winter. It's not a complaint, but a disappointment.

I can remember a few bad winters while growing up in Vermont and how disappointed I was. I have always loved the snow, but there were the winters that we didn't see all that much. One could say that kind of disappointment would be the opposite of the Winter Blues, or maybe just another type of the same feelings. But, I would enjoy the little bit of winter that did come and hope for better luck the following season, which did happen from time to time. This includes one winter that the high school I attended was worried they couldn't get the seniors graduated before July. Yes, we had so much snow that school was closed well past the allotted number of snow days.

The point of all that is that I get it. Winter isn't always as awesome as it was in 2018/2019, but a boy can always hope. Again, I'm not complaining, rain is perfectly fine. I'm just jonesing to see some more snow this season. After all, winter is here and I think we should have something to show for it.

Photo Credit: Juni from Kyoto, Japan [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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