Kobe Bryant Supporter, In A Swimsuit, Blows A World Cup Slalom Finish

Almost any athlete can say that crossing the finish line and taking first place is a wonderful feeling. As fans, we hear it all of the time. But, how does it feel when an athlete realizes that the lead they had was blown by a lady in a black swimsuit?

Italian Slalom racer Alex Vinatzer is, at least right now, the one and only athlete that can answer that question for ski racing fans from around the world.  The 21-year-old skier was making excellent time on the slalom course at Schladming, Austria, finishing with a time of 0.56 ahead of French skier Clement Noel. The shame is that it wasn't his time, it was the time of a young woman, in a skimpy swimsuit, who decided to honor recently passed on NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

It seems that the young lady, whose heart was in the right place...maybe, broke the line before Vinatzer, giving him a time much quicker than he actually had. In the end, local officials adjusted his time, putting him 0.13 of a second behind Noel. In the video below you can see that Noel enjoyed the moment, likely from the hilarity and his holding on to first. Though there is no reaction shown from Vinatzer, it can be assumed that he didn't think it was all that funny.

In the end, the race would see three favorites taking the top spots. Henrik Kristoffersen of Norway finished in first, Alexis Pinturault of France in second, and Daniel Yule of Switzerland in third. Alex Vinatzer would end up in sixth-place with a combined time that put him 1.12 seconds off the leader.

It could be said that the loss of a legendary athlete like Kobe Bryant is a blow felt around the world and that it's only natural for the people to honor that person's memory. Though, and it can be assumed that Alex Vinatzer would agree, there is a time and a place for everything.

Thumbnail Credit: Slalom Tokyo Drift/IG


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