Loon Mountain, New Hampshire Is Building The First & Fastest 8-Pack Chair In The East

It's always good to be prepared. With a ski mountain that holds true with being prepared to handle more guests. While there are some mountains currently looking for places for guests to park their cars, Loon Mountain in New Hampshire is looking to get the guests up the hill. That is all of the guests as fast as possible it would seem as they have a plan to add the first eight-person chairlift in the East, which will also be the fastest in the country.

As part of Flight Plan: 2030, "a ten-year plan focused on transformative modern innovations across the resort to support Loon's vision to Pioneer The New New England,"  the new lift will the first step in realizing the vision of this initiative.

The new Kancamagus 8, or Kanc 8, is set to replace the Kancamagus Quad. This new lift is double the seating per chair, being an eight-seat D-line Doppelmayr bubble chair. This lift will not only double the number of friends one can have, or make, on the chairlift ride, but it is one of the most technologically advanced chairs around.

This lift comes with modern safety features for the riders, including automatic restraining bars, individual footrests, and an adjustable loading carpet for young skiers and riders. The chair is wicked kid-friendly. The D-Line also includes 205 new developments, including 31 innovations and 14 patents, making it the most modern chairlift in the world. Featuring new Doppelmayr Direct Drive (DDD) technology, a gearless drive allows whisper-quiet operation and low maintenance while increasing energy efficiency. However, to put it simply, it's wicked quiet and wicked fast.

The top speed of this lift is 18 feet per second or 1,100 feet per minute. That makes it capable of transporting 3,500 skiers and riders per hour. Even on a busy weekend or holiday, this chair could have the shortest line one could come across.

Lastly, it's a bubble chair. You won't have to worry about the wind getting in your face because of the speed you're traveling up the mountain. Each chair has a tinted bubble to keep you warm and the sun out of your eyes. Oh, and if that isn't enough for your comfort taste buds, each of the ergonomically designed seats is heated. On those below zero days, you might not want to get off the chair.

This marvel of modern lift technology has an expected groundbreaking in April 2020, so this chair could be up and running sooner rather than later. For progress and project updates, you can go to the Loon Mountain Resort website or any of their social media pages. Also, if you're a fan and visitor to the mountain, keep an eye out. You might get to see this project taking shape.

All Photos Credit: Loon Mountain Resort


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