Lost Teens Burn Homework To Survive The Night In The Canadian Backcountry

Better than using the excuse of the dog eating one's homework, two teenage boys were able to use their homework to fuel a fire that helped keep them warm and alive during an overnight in the Canadian backcountry while waiting for rescue.

Nelson Search and Rescue were dispatched on the evening of January 5th after receiving a report that two 16-year-old boys were overdue from their day of skiing at Whitewater Ski Resort, which is near Nelson, British Columbia.

According to a news release from Nelson Search and Rescue, ten members of their team were dispatched to patrol the roads overnight with lights and sirens in an attempt to give the boys a chance to find their way to safety. However, the boys did not make their way out during the night.

The following morning, ground teams and a helicopter were sent into the backcountry. It was at approximately 8:45 A.M. that the helicopter found the boys in the Qua Valley south of the resort and was able to fly them to safety. Neither boy suffered a serious injury due to their night in the backcountry and will be just fine.

In a report from CBC News, the manager of Nelson Search and Rescue, Jim Kyle, stated that the boys had done everything right to help ensure their survival, including building a fire and a shelter for warmth for the night.

"One young person had homework in his backpack and that definitely helped keep the fire going," Kyle said.

According to the news release from Nelson Search and Rescue, this area has resulted in many searches in the past. It seems that those adventuring out into the backcountry in this area become disoriented on the ridge during bad weather and head down the wrong side of the ridge.


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