Mt. Ashland & Dr. Snowe Working To Keep You Dry -- VIDEO

We've all been in a similar situation, the need for rain gear when we aren't carrying it because we didn't think it was going to rain. So, what does one do in that situation? Well, an expert out of Mt. Ashland Ski Area in Oregon has put together a tutorial so that you will have all the know-how you might need to take on a rainy day on the slopes.

Now, for those seasoned and experienced skiers and riders out there, this is clearly just a fun way to show off the old trash bag trick. Let's be honest, if you haven't done it yourself, you've seen more than a few people who have. I like the sense of humor that goes along with this one. Our friends in the PNW clearly know how to laugh. I had more than a few chuckles at this one. But they also know how to get out the good information, too. As I said, this trick is an oldie, but a goodie on those wet days. 

Thumbnail Credit: Mt. Ashland Ski Area/FB


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