Six More Days Until World Snow Day 2020

On January 19th it'll be World Snow Day. The International Ski Federation (FIS) sponsored day created to celebrate skiing and snowboarding and to help get families and their children involved in snow sports as early as possible.

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper remarked, “Once again World Snow Day has exceeded expectations. This is a great achievement and testament to how important children and families are to snow sports.”

This coming snow day will see 363 events in 45 countries. Each of these events is geared towards showing families and children all of the benefits skiing and snowboarding have to offer. This includes the health benefits one can gain through snow sports, learning how the sports affect the environment and how future generations of skiers and riders can help protect the environment, and how all of this can be done safely, as teaching safety is a large part of the day.

Though with numbers like 363 events and 45 countries, one might think it's hard to find an event near them. However, the FIS has an entire website devoted to World Snow Day. If you head to, you can search for events near you by simply clicking on your flag or heading to your part of the map.

For those of us in the United States, there are six confirmed events across the country, including two in New Hampshire not very far from one another. All six of the events are as follows:

  1. World Snow Day at Whaleback Mountain - Enfield, NH
  2. World Snow Day at Arrowhead - Claremont, NH
  3. Winter 4Kids - Vernon, NJ
  4. World Snow Day 2020 Barron Country - Barron Area Nordic Trails, WI
  5. Snow Kato Days - Snow Fun For Beginners - Mankato, MN
  6. Monterey Village Snow Day - Tucson, AZ
More information for these events, including schedules of events and contact information is available at the links above. Try to visit an event if you can and share your love of skiing or snowboarding or other snow sports with the next generation. The children are always the future, even in our favorite sports.

Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator Andrew Cholinski commented “Seeing so many different stakeholders in snow sports come together is both exciting and humbling. We cannot wait for the 19th of January 2020.”


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