Skier/Snowboarder Collision Caught On 360° Camera -- VIDEO

The wonders of technology never cease to amaze, especially with the release of 360° cameras. A camera that films in all directions at once can certainly come in handy, sometimes for fun and sometimes to prove that one was run down by someone else. Have a look at this one that was taken at Squaw Valley. The hit actually takes place around the 1:39 mark. So, start a little before that, then move the view around to your liking.

It is a pretty heavy hit, though it looks like both parties involved were able to get up and ride away. That's always a good thing. Now, it seems obvious to me who was at fault here, but I'm always willing to be wrong. But, it can be said, no matter who was at fault, always keep your eyes up and announce when passing someone on their backside or blindside.


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