The Alpine A110 SportsX Concept - Your Skiing Road Trip Done In Style

There are only a few places that style outweighs function when it comes to a skiing or snowboarding road trip. Most of the time folks are choosing vehicles that can hold all of their gear or have AWD or 4WD just in case the roads get a little hazardous in the snow. This vehicle, however, seems to have combined all of the above into a fine package and was built by a company that knows a thing or two about building cars for rough roads. 

Having debuted at the Festival Automobile International in Paris is the A110 SportsX concept car. Based on the A110 Pure from Alpine, the SportsX has been beefed up to handle driving more in line with its rally car model cousins. This version comes with a body that is 80mm wider and another 60mm of ground clearance, making for a model that ready to tackle more than just the highways. This thing is ready to go toe to toe with some of the sport crossovers and SUVs and looks a little bit better doing so. The one drawback is that, like the A110 Pure, the SportsX is rear-wheel drive. A drive would need a good set of snow tires, and maybe some chains, during those skiing and snowboarding adventures.

Now, as we all know, aside from the snow and the dirt roads that lead to some of the more remote ski areas, a typical ski.snowboard trip does not require one to be a rally driver. But, to have a car that could do it could come in handy. Also, it doesn't hurt for one to know they have mid-engine, 1.8-liter turbocharged sport rig, just in case one would like to knock a few minutes off that ski mountain E.T.A.

Can it get your gear up to the hill, though? Well, it is a sports car, after all. Trunk space might be a bit limited, but the roof has a rack capable of carrying two pairs of skis, which is just fine being that the car is a two-seater. It's just enough to get you and whomever you deem worthy of riding with you to the mountain.

Part rally car, part sports car, and part SUV, this little ride could make a road trip to the mountains a little be extra fun and a lot of bit extra good looking. Though, this one will not be available to the public. Currently, it is just a concept car with only the single unit used for auto shows having been built. But, one never knows. That model may end up for sale one day or there might be enough interest from the public for Alpine and Renault to put the vehicle in production.

Photo Credits: Antony Villain/Renault SAS


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