UPDATE -- A Third Victim Of The Idaho Avalanches Has Been Recovered, Identities Of Initial Victims Released

Two days after avalanches struck at Silver Mountain Resort in Idaho, a third victim has been recovered.

Though the search and rescue effort was thought complete on January 7th, on the morning of January 8th the resort received a call from a concerned family member about a skier they had been unable to contact. As the person had been confirmed to be skiing during the time of the avalanche, the search began again.

Local search and rescue teams and volunteers, including the Shoshone County Sheriff's Office, began a very large search effort with approximately 80 people in an attempt to locate the missing skier. However, the search had to be called off during the night. The following morning, January 9th, the multi-agency and volunteer search effort began again, leading to the recovery of a third death.

As stated, this was the last person reported missing at the time of the avalanche.

The identities of all three deceased victims have been released. The first confirmed fatality was Carl William Dick Humphreys, 58, of Liberty Lake, Washington. The second victim, also recovered on Tuesday the 7th, was Scott Michael Parsons, 46, of Spokane Valley, Washington. The last victim was reported as Elisabeth Hubbard, 33, of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Idaho Avalanche Kills Two, Buries Five More

Yesterday morning, January 7, Silver Mountain Resort in Idaho was the scene of a series of inbounds avalanches that claimed the lives of two skiers and injured five others. According to a report from the Shoshone News Press , Morning Star and 16-to1 were the specific runs affected by the avalanches.

Photo Credit: Silver Mountain Resort/FB


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