Will The Northeast Be Getting Snow Again? #SkiTheEast

It would seem there is a possibility that the Northeast might get a little replenishment from what was lost over this past Spring-like weekend.

Credit: NWS Burlington
Now, you can see that this advisory covers just about the entire state of Vermont. However, the Hazardous Weather Outlook stretches from Upstate New York all the way across Northern New England, with snow accumulations averaging an inch depending on where you might be skiing or riding over the next day or so.

Snow Totals 1/14 Into 1/15 - Credit: NWS Burlington
It won't be much, but for those looking to get a little natural snow with their midweek skiing and snowboarding, the further north you go, the better the chance, though it might be possible to catch some just inside the southern Vermont border at places like Mount Snow and Stratton.

Though we will have to wait a day or two to get really good numbers for the weekend, there is a chance of some places getting well above 6 inches of snow. Again, the further north and higher up one goes will determine how much there is going to be. However, I would say, don't worry about how much is going to be falling unless you happen to be traveling a good distance on Sunday morning. With a high chance of precipitation this weekend matched with more Winter-like temps, just get out there and enjoy the snow.

Precipitation Percentage Sunday Morning - Credit: NWS Burlington

Thumbnail Credit: Tim Meyer For Ski Rex Media


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