A Lesson In Rope Ducking -- Skier Falls Through Cornice At Grand Targhee

Every skier and rider has had that moment when the fresh powder snow sitting on the other side of a rope has been too tempting to ignore. We forget that those ropes are there for a reason, duck the rope, and then take our chance with what may lie ahead, just for the sake of getting the untouched stuff. For a visitor to Grand Targhee in Wyoming, this may have been the last time they will ever think or attempt such a thing.

To say that the skier was lucky was about as accurate as a description can be in this case. This victim appears to have been able to catch themself as they fell through the cornice and pull themself back up to the safety of the other side of the ropes. However, such an accident could result in a person falling through and then falling ever further to serious injury or death.

Always remember, those ropes are there for a reason, not to stop a skier or snowboarder's fun. Please follow all warning signs and ropes and play as safe as you possibly can. The temptation is there, that can be understood by just about anyone who has been up on a ski slope, but just fight it and push it back down so you, and those who might have to rescue you can stay safe.

Thumbnail Credit: Grand Targhee Resort/FB


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