Cheddar Tackles "Why Ski Resorts Are Dying..." -- VIDEO

The question as to why ski resorts are dying is interesting and could have many answers to be debated. The YouTube channel from Cheddar has taken the time to take a swing at answering the question.

Now, as I said, this topic can be debated on a few levels. First, are ski resorts dying or just in a decline? Either could be argued for or against. Also, it should be pointed out that this video seems to be about North America. For example, skiing has always been more popular in Europe, so is the decline the same across the pond? Also, the Nevele Grande isn't the only resort in the Catskills, not just ski resorts either, to have died a horrible death because of poor management and not being able to change with the times, so was that a good place to feature when trying to make the point? 

So many questions could be asked on the topic and I do give them respect for not only trying to make their point but for giving out the sources they used, not only in the video but as links in the video's description. In the end, I disagree with most of what is being said here, though I do agree that the expense of the sport has taken its toll. But, as I always say, I could be 100% wrong.


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