Chelsea Handler Birthday Skiing Bottomless, Instagramer Snowboarding In A Towel

If you've been to a ski mountain more than once it's likely that you have seen either some kind of crazy costume or even people skiing or snowboarding naked. It's nothing new, and in fact, could be considered a time-honored tradition for some. In this case, we have a pretty well-known TV celebrity and author and an Instagram star, who must be well-known, participating in dressing up, or dressing down more accurately, for their skiing and riding trips.

Happy 45th Birthday To Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler decided to celebrate her 45th birthday skiing. That's pretty standard for a fan of the sport, including the famous ones. She decided to make it more interesting for her by doing it while smoking herb, drink in hand, and with no pants. Similar to the bare-assed runs of the late, great Papa Muntz, Handler once again has shown that at least partial nudity is something that she is fine with, along with booze and weed, two things she has been open about for most, if not all, of her career.

Did she go all the way? That is hard to tell, but it looks like she was wearing underwear, just a cut that shows off the backside. Are smoking marijuana and drinking a margarita safe to do while one is skiing? That's a topic for another time. Can the woman actually ski? Well, from the video it looks like she can hold her own on a groomer, at least.

Instagram Woman Snowboards In A Towel

Though there are many costumes that can be witnessed while people participate in skiing/snowboarding cosplay, a towel might be one of the more rare finds. In this video, an Instagram star who goes by the name Ilkimtemur took to a mountain in Turkey looking as if she just got out of the shower. Again, did she go all the way? It's hard to tell, but viewers almost got an eyeful as she had to stop and hold her towel up. 

Now, are these two just attention whores? Possibly. Are they having a good time? That seems kind of obvious. Are they doing anything original? Not at all. But, respect can be given to just about anyone who will ski or snowboard and not be fully dressed for the weather. So, we can at least like where these ladies' heads are at if nothing else. However, please check with the mountain you're visiting before doing anything of the like. Dressing in costume, or even just a towel, should be okay, but the nudity could get somebody in trouble. No need to get that indecent exposure ticket if you don't have to.

Thumbnail Credit: Chelsea Handler/IGIlkimtemur/IG


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