Ikon Pass Gives Some Tips For Mountain Mass Transit

More traffic and less parking are two issues that ski mountains are dealing with more and more these days. There are more than a few people and media outlets that lay most of the blame for that on the popularity of the mega passes. This may or may not be true, but the Ikon Pass was happy to share a few tips on mass transit up to the mountains.

This post on Instagram directs followers and pass holders to a blog post pointing out some of the mass transit options that are available. Now, you're right if you're thinking that is directed to Ikon Pass holders, obviously. Actually, the tips they offer are part ad. But, the message in the blog post holds true, there is more than one way to get to some ski mountains that don't involve doing the driving yourself. Have a look at the blog post, linked below.

Alternative Transportation to the Mountains | Lifted by Ikon Pass | Lifted

As the new ski and ride season begins, it's natural for us to stoke out on the fun details first: our new winter outfits, our finely tuned skis, and most importantly, what destinations we intend to visit with our 19/20 Ikon Pass. Once a destination is selected, we focus on our upcoming time there.
Again, these tips are geared to Ikon Pass holders and, in part, a hope that these mass transit options are a selling point for the Ikon Pass. But, they are still good tips. I wholeheartedly support the use of mass transit, and not just for ski mountain travel. It's just a ton easier than fighting through the traffic, trying to find a place to park, and having to bite one's tongue when the road rage due to the frustration of the parking and traffic starts to surface. Not to mention the positive effects on the environment. I really feel that it can be the best way to go in a lot of circumstances.

If you have an Ikon Pass, that's great and some of your options are laid out in the blog post. If not, don't fret. Just have a look around your home mountain or the mountain you want to visit. You might find that there is a bus or train or carpooling available for you to use. Trust me, the mountain, the environment, and your nerves will thank you for doing so.

Thumbnail Credit: Ikon Pass/IG


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