I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- A Straight Up Rhino

Now, from the title, you might think this would be a piece about wildlife. But, if you looked at the thumbnail, you know that it isn't. Although, a real rhino is not something that I've seen at a ski hill either. If I do ever see that, though, you better believe it will be on Ski Rex Media that very second. Anyway, this is about another rhino that was spotted here in the east, not too far from the old Ski Rex Media HQ.

A Rhino Spotted At Whaleback, NH
Now, this piece isn't about seeing someone wearing a costume while out skiing, either. I have seen that a ton of times and in a ton of different ways. I could tell you all the story of the guy in the wedding dress, which was kind of gross, too, but, as the title states, this isn't about what I have seen, but what I haven't.

This photo was taken by James Payne, which he posted to the Ski The East Group on Facebook. Clearly, this is a skier who either has an amazing sense of humor and style or is in desperate need of attention. Either way, the photo is gold! I've never seen a person use a costume quite like this on a ski hill. I mean, it's far from practical and it doesn't look comfortable at all. My man also doesn't look like he fits on that chair too well. Which, I guess speaks to the authenticity of the costume, if nothing else. I mean, a rhino wouldn't fit on the chair, either.

The bonus here, for me anyway, is that this photo is from the closest ski mountain to Ski Rex Media, Whaleback Mountain in Enfield, NH. I really like folks that run that place and I'm liking the guests more and more, especially with this guy.

In the end, this is just awesome. I have nothing but respect for this person, no matter the reason they chose this costume. I love it, and I thought you all might love it, too.

One last question, though. Is this one of those inflatable costumes, like the T-Rex costumes that are all over the internet? How cold must this dude be? 


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