I've Never Seen This At A Ski Hill -- A Charging Moose!

When I did this bit the other day I made a joke about seeing wildlife at one's local ski hill. In the case of the other day, it was just a man in a rhino costume. But this time, this time it's some legit wildlife charging head-on towards a liftline.

Now, I have a couple things to say about this one. One, though a very close encounter with a very large animal, I have to admit that I am a little jealous. I have always enjoyed wildlife, including the mighty moose, but rarely see any wildlife on the ski hill. Honestly, all I have ever seen while skiing is a few winter birds and a weasel that was running down the side of the road on the way home from the mountain. That's it.

Also, I have encountered more than a few moose in my day. Growing up in Vermont is a great place to experience wildlife that a lot of other people only get to see in the zoo, in books, or online. In fact, I still have a friend that makes jokes about moose being mythical creatures that don't exist, not unlike the unicorn, because she has never seen one in the wild. But I have, but not while skiing and not as close as a few of the people in the video below.

How close was that, huh? With the size of a moose, and that looked like a smaller one, this could have turned into a big mess real fast. Luckily though, the moose got through without any issue and took off to go wherever a running moose goes...which is actually anywhere it wants.

Oh, and the bonus here is that it looks like the poster was using a 360° camera, which impresses me more and more every time I see them. I may have to add one of those to the camera arsenal one of these days.

Thumbnail Credit: Erik Stark/IG


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