Mountain Rage Attack Leads To A Skier Being Beaten With A Ski Pole

A British skier had to be taken to a hospital via helicopter after being beaten unconscious by a snowboarder at the Zillertal Arena in Rohrberg in Austria.

In a report from The Daily Mail, the 55-year-old tourist, whose identity has not been released, from the U.K. was attacked by the snowboarder after an exchange of words following a near-collision between the snowboard rider and the skier's group.

Witnesses have said that during the exchange of words, the snowboarder took a ski pole from another person in the victim's group and began to hit the victim over the head. The victim was not wearing a helmet, so he had no protection from the attack. This caused the victim head injuries severe enough for the man to collapse and for the need for a helicopter rescue.

It is also being reported that the attacker fled the scene after the victim collapsed. Though witnesses were able to provide a description of the attacker, local police have still not identified this person. The police have been asking anyone with any information as to the identity of the attacker to come forward to assist in identification.

Photo Credit: Eiswind [CC BY-SA]


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