Several People Were Hurt During Canadian Gondola Malfunction

As this past weekend began, a gondola at Mont-Sainte-Anne in Québec, Canada experienced a sudden malfunction that left visitors shaken and injured.

According to a report from Radio-Canada, the incident had a total of 21 injuries, 12 of which had to be taken to local hospitals by ambulance. The remaining nine were able to leave on a chartered bus.

It seems that lift came to an abrupt stop, though a cause has yet to be determined. The cars shook so violently due to the stop that passengers were thrown about the cars and equipment was tossed from the racks on the outside of the cars.

Though that specific lift has been shut down since the incident, the mountain has continued operations. During the weekend, the VP and General Manager of Mont-Sainte-Anne issued a statement via a post to social media.

Thumbnail Credit: Mont-Sainte-Anne/FB


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