Skiers & Snowboarders Trapped Due To Landslide In British Columbia

A landslide wiped out Hemlock Valley Road, the only road giving access to Sasquatch Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada, this past Friday night, January 31st. This has left most of the guests and staff trapped on the mountain for several days.

Initially, the estimate for even a single lane to be reopened was five days. This estimate was given by The Ministry of Transportation, according to a report from Global News. However, at this time a lane will be open for evacuation only at noon today, February 3, local time. 

"The road is not open but there will be an evacuation lane opening at 12:00 pm with an escort/pilot vehicle, please meet in the cafeteria at 11:30 am and we will make arrangements for each group leaving the mountain. Locals and staff will be able to head down for supplies as the evacuation lane will reopen between 4:00pm – 5:00pm for return back up the mountain (local traffic only). Please be at Hemlock Valley Road by 5:00pm at the latest, if you are not here by this time there is no guarantee of return, as transportation needs to occur during daylight." - From an update from Sasquatch Mountain Resort

While waiting for a ground evacuation route, helicopters have been shuttling stranded guests off the mountain and will continue to do so even as the evacuation lane is opened. Each helicopter has been running guests $150 each for the ride and dropping passengers at the Chilliwack Airport. The helicopters were also able to be used as part of a supply chain to get supplies and generators to the resort, making sure that those who were stranded have food and supplies and power.

Though generators were part of the flown-in supplies, as the landslide did knock out the power Friday night, power was restored just before three o'clock on Sunday afternoon. 

Necessary resort facilities, including food service, have been in operation during the incident, though all recreational activities were canceled, including the running of lifts. The resort will remain closed until the road can be fully repaired and reopened.

At current, there have been no injuries or deaths reported with this incident.


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